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Living With a Food Allergy Isn't All-Bad
by Aisling
Age 11

I have had many experiences with my food allergies, both good and bad, but I'm sure you would rather hear about some of the good ones.

One night my family was having dinner at a nice restaurant. Before we left, I went into the washroom with my mom, and saw a lady who was having a lot of trouble breathing. It turned out that she was having an anaphylactic reaction to some food she had just eaten. She didn't know that she had anaphylaxis so she didn't have an EpiPenŽ. In the end she used mine and immediately began to recover. Then we called for an ambulance and she went to the hospital. I've often thought about how amazing it was that we happened to walk into that washroom just as she needed help.

Another time, when I was staying at a hotel, I wasn't able to eat many of the breakfasts. So, every day, the cook would make me something special or I would go into the kitchen and help make my own breakfast. I think it's great that some people are so thoughtful and adaptable.

My advice to others: Don't let your allergies hold you back. Always check labels and be careful. If you're having trouble, don't go off on your own; get help.

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