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The Day Full of Porridge
by Julian
Age 7

Aisling (11), David (11), and I, author Julian (7) were the patients in the study. All three of us are allergic to soy. This study is being done all over the world! The soy study is to prove that people with soy allergies can safely eat things with soy oil.

We had to go to Dr. Peter Vadas' office to do the study. He is an allergist. When we got to his office we had the prick test done. Then, we had to eat porridge with oil in it! The porridge tasted really bad because it was very oily. We put lots of brown sugar on it to make it taste better.

Some doses of porridge had soy oil. Others had canola oil. We did not know which doses had soy oil. Dr. Vadas and Loris (the research nurse) did the study. Loris made the porridge and Dr. Vadas did the prick test.

We had a lunch break and I got a Sprite. David's mom took us to a coin shop and I got a coin.

In the afternoon, we had to eat more porridge. This study took the whole day. We were at Dr. Vadas' office from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We watched videos and played with Lego to keep us amused. Aisling, David, and I had fun together.

I felt happy to do the study because I was helping other kids by proving that soy oil might be safe for them. (I was the only one who did not bring homework.) I might do all the studies I'm asked to DO!!!!!

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