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The Day I Saved the Director
By David
Age 11

One day in June I went to school. As usual we had math, then science, after that French and finally lunch. So I went to these classes, and then went to daycare for lunch. That day for lunch we were having egg rolls, and the director of the daycare was serving the food.

When I finished my lunch, I realized that the director had hives and was having trouble breathing. So, having experienced the same thing I asked her three questions. "What are you allergic to? Do you have an EpiPen® (a needle to slow down an allergic reaction)? Do you know how to use an EpiPen®?"

She answered "I am allergic to peanuts and shellfish. Yes I do have an EpiPen® but no I do not know how to use it."

"NO! You don't know how to use an EpiPen®! Well I'll have to teach you!" I YELLED. "First you must take off the grey cap, then jab the EpiPen® into your thigh." So she did that and then I told her, "All you have to do is wait ten seconds."

She asked … "That's it?" "NO, go directly to the hospital!" I hastily replied.

So two people took the director to the hospital and I went to class. The next day when I went to daycare she was serving the food again.

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